I can help organisations to understand, develop and evaluate a community of practice. I have underpinned all of my training and development work with the social learning theory and value framework of Etienne and Bev Wenger-Trayner and can now offer this to support the work of others.

I do not offer a complete evaluation package but instead have found that evaluators are in need of assistance to understand the nature and value of their social learning projects and that my input is good value for time.

Support that I can offer includes:

  • Value framework to understand how to:

    • Design engaging learning activities

    • Work out the the indicators for learning taking place and how to collect the data

    • Work out the necessary conditions for learning and how to enable this

    • Evidence the learning by finding powerful qualitative value stories

    • Triangulate these value stories with qualitative data

  • Training in how to deliver social learning sessions eg. World Cafe etc

  • Training in understanding the necessary functions and roles required for a dynamic community